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Sunday Shareables from Oct. 2, 2016

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Wearing Our Christian Costume

Revelation 3:14-22

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  • “We’re too Christian to enjoy sin and too sinful to enjoy Christ.”    -Mark Batterson
  • “We’ve got enough Jesus to be informed, but not enough Jesus to be transformed.”    -Mark Batterson
  • “The meaning of the word Christian has been reduced to practically nothing. … Because the word Christian as a symbol has been made to mean so little, it has come to mean everything and nothing”   -Francis Schaeffe
  • “We’ve given people just enough Jesus to be bored but not enough to feel the surge of holy adrenaline that courses through their veins when you decide to follow him no matter what, no matter where, no matter when.”   -Mark Batterson
  • “The Bible is clear, Christians are those who are savingly united to God through Jesus Christ.”    -John MacArthur
  • Your Christian life is not a HOBBY!    Your Christian life will determine your eternal destiny!
  • Repentance is the last thing an unbeliever or believer wants to do.
  • You are not a Christian by chance, you are a Christian by choice!   -Dr. Milton Worthington
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