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Sunday Shareables from Oct. 16, 2016

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The Myth of Control

Proverbs 3:1-8

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  • MOST OF LIFE is made up of things that are out of our control.
  • “The only thing you can absolutely control is how you react to things that you cannot control.”    -Bassami Tazzari
  • Most Christians don’t have a problem knowing what’s right, we have a problem doing what’s right.
  • “The will of God is revealed in the Word of God.”    -Warren Wiersbe
  • “When the MIND is engaged in an issue the motive is ‘I ought to.’  When the WILL is engaged in an issue the motive is ‘I have to’ When the HEART is engaged in an issue the motive is ‘I want to.’ ”    -John Phillips
  • Self-wisdom is dangerous wisdom!
  • When things are out of your hands, place them in God’s hands!
  • When things are most out of our control, that’s when God likes to show us He’s in control.
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