Sunday Shareables from August 7, 2016

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Paul, The Intentional Leader

Colossians 2:1-5

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  • If we grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, it highly probable that we will grow in the Wisdom of God’s Word.


  • If we DO NOT grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, it is impossible to grow in the Wisdom of God’s Word.


  • Satan is not going to come walking thru the front door with a marching band led by flags and streamers.  He will come into your life through the cracks and crevices.


  • When Satan deceives you, he won’t put you on his knee and comfort you and tell you it will be OK and help you through the consequences.  He’s going to laugh at you and try to coerce you into a deeper state of the mess you are already in.


  • “One leak will sink a ship and one sin will destroy a sinner. ”      -John Bunyan


  • As your Pastor, I will hold your hand and help you when you fall.   But I had much rather hand you water as you are running this marathon.


  • “Sin has a diminishing factor to it. It always gives its best in the beginning. It never gets better after that … it only gets worse.”       -Mark Aulson

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