Sunday Shareables from August 21, 2016

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Colossians 2:9-15

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  • The deity of Christ can be defined as all of God was in all of Jesus.
  • When Christ came, he was NOT:
    • An “assistant” God – He was God!
    • An “associate” God – He was God!
    • Vice-God – He was God!
    • Co-God – He was God!
  • From the Book,  Let the Nations Be Glad! The Supremacy of God in Missions         by  John Piper
    • “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the Church, worship is.
    • Missions exists because worship doesn’t.
    • Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man.
    • Worship…is the fuel and goal of missions.”  
  • “God is my fullness, His absence my emptiness.”       -E. Stanley Jones
  • God doesn’t see our forgiven sin and the stains our sins left on us.  He sees the stains on the cross that his blood left.
  • He doesn’t see the misery my sin caused, He sees the misery that His Son experienced on the cross.
  • When Jesus was nailed to the cross, so was our sin.
  • “When I look at me I see what I’ve done. When God looks at me He sees what He did for me!”        -Unknown
  • “Victorious living does not mean freedom from temptation, nor does it mean freedom from mistakes.”    -E. Stanley Jones
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Sunday Shareables from August 14, 2016

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A Tale Of 2 Lives

Colossians 2:6-8

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  • “Only A relationship totally centered in Jesus Christ is adequate to meet the constant pressures and tensions of daily life.”                         – Gary Demarist


  • You should be seeing how much you can be like Christ in heaven, not how much you can be like the world and still get into heaven.


  • It’s amazing how some people live like HELL here and want to live like HEAVEN in eternity!


  • Faith is WHAT we believe and HOW we believe.


  • I’m afraid many are more concerned today with finding Pokemon than they are finding God.
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Sunday Shareables from August 7, 2016

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Paul, The Intentional Leader

Colossians 2:1-5

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  • If we grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, it highly probable that we will grow in the Wisdom of God’s Word.


  • If we DO NOT grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, it is impossible to grow in the Wisdom of God’s Word.


  • Satan is not going to come walking thru the front door with a marching band led by flags and streamers.  He will come into your life through the cracks and crevices.


  • When Satan deceives you, he won’t put you on his knee and comfort you and tell you it will be OK and help you through the consequences.  He’s going to laugh at you and try to coerce you into a deeper state of the mess you are already in.


  • “One leak will sink a ship and one sin will destroy a sinner. ”      -John Bunyan


  • As your Pastor, I will hold your hand and help you when you fall.   But I had much rather hand you water as you are running this marathon.


  • “Sin has a diminishing factor to it. It always gives its best in the beginning. It never gets better after that … it only gets worse.”       -Mark Aulson
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Sunday Shareables

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I am going to attempt each week to post what I am calling “Sunday Shareables.”  These will be short excerts or quotes I used in my sermons that my readers can use to share of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.  All I ask is that if I am quoting someone else and you share the quote that you give them credit as I will on this sight.  I read behind a lot of great writers and theologians and I want to give credit where credit is due.  I hope that I can keep this up each week and that  God will use it to reach others for the the Kingdom and bring Himself the glory.

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The Preamble . . . . . . . .The Preamble To Revival – Chapter 21b

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A preamble, according to, “is a statement that is made at the beginning of something (such as a legal document) and usually gives the reasons for the parts that follow: something that comes before and leads to something else.”  In layman’s terms, it is the explanation of a document.  When we get to Nehemiah 9, we come to what  I believe is the preamble to revival.  We cannot experience revival unless we experience repentance and forgiveness as Israel did in Nehemiah 9.  Pastor Mac Brunson said this week, “Confession of sin is not a prerequisite to revival – it is revival.”  Here are two thoughts for you to think about:

  • If we are going to experience revival, it will take intentional, sacrificial time and effort on our part to show God that we really want His spirit to fall on us!
  • If we want our nation to experience a revival and a change, it is going to take intentional, sacrificial time and effort and most importantly a moving of the Holy Spirit in this country to bring it to it’s knees.

Here’s where it gets personal.  Are you willing to change your priorities for revival to come in your life?

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Rebuilding the Walls of Brokenness – Chapter 21

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Many of us were familiar with the film critic duo Siskel and Ebert. Gene Siskel died in 1999. Then, in
2006, Robert Ebert lost his lower jaw and his voice to complications from cancer. He has since relied on
Post-it notes, his writing, and various automated voices. The kind you find on your laptop. He types in
the words and then pushes a button that translates his written words into spoken words that come out of
his speakers.

One voice was called Alex. A generic American accent with no emotion. Very robotic. He had used a
British accent named Lawrence. But no off-the-shelf automated voice matched his distinctive voice, a
voice that millions knew from his show, At the Movies, for so many years. The voice he most wanted was
his own.

Enter CereProc. a Scottish company that customizes text-to-speech software for voiceless customers.
robot.1 The company custom-builds voices by mining an individual’s own archived voice recordings and
piecing together, syllable by syllable, Ebert’s voice. When it finishes its work, Ebert will sound like Ebert.
At least more so than Alex or Lawrence do.

Sometimes we don’t miss a voice until it goes silent. At the end of the Old Testament there is a period
of 400 years often referred to as “the silent years.” Years without any prophets or leaders whose words or
lives were recorded in Scripture. Years where there was no voice from God.

But before the silence Ezra read the word of God to the people. His desire was that they rebuild the wall
around Jerusalem for protection. And God’s greater desire was to rebuild the hearts of his people. The
men, women and children gathered together. They heard the word. They understood the word. And
then they did the word.

You can hear God’s voice in the same way these people did. Through his word. It’s not Alex’s voice.

It’s not Lawrence’s voice. It’s his voice. When you hear it there will be a response. The Israelites wept.
Others have repented. Still others have heard good news and rejoiced. And you? If you hear it today, it
can rebuild your life.

Ebert’s real voice may never be heard “live” again. But God’s is still speaking today. You only need to
gather the men, women, and children, open his book, and listen.


Read The Story. Experience The Story. Used with permission © Zondervan 2010

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There are Some Things Worth Finishing – Chapter 19

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An author writes:

A few years ago we went on a cruise and got excited about art. We bought a few prints and could not
wait to get home, frame them, and hang them. We thought when people came over to visit they would
say, “Rick and Karen are so cultured. We wish we were more like them.” The prints are still in the
container they were shipped in. But we were sure excited at first.

A year or two ago my boys came home with a chin-up bar you hook on a door frame. I thought, “I’ll show
them how this is done. My boys will say, ‘Our dad is a beast.’” I think I used it once. But I was excited
when they brought it home.

I have a huge plastic container full of pictures. We dream of having these put in albums and arranged by
year on a bookshelf. We think when people come over they will say, “We wish we were as organized as
Rick and Karen.” We get excited about the idea every so often.

We have a collection of unfinished projects. There are some books and exercise programs too. Things
started but left unfinished. Do you finish everything you start? I imagine not. And to be honest, some
things aren’t worth finishing.

But don’t think, even for a second, that you can put God in your collection of unfinished projects. For
starters, he isn’t a “project.” Besides, he’s not going to sit on a shelf contentedly waiting for you to give
him your attention once the kids are grown or the retirement is funded or other tasks are completed.

The Israelites learned that lesson the hard way. They returned from Babylonian captivity to rebuild the
temple. They started strong but in time turned their attention to other endeavors. What was important
to God became unimportant to them.

Sixteen years passed without any work being done on the temple. So God allowed drought and
downturns and difficulties to come upon them. And he said, “Give careful thought to your ways”
(Haggai 1:5, 7).

God is either the main thing in your life or he is nothing. At the end of the day, each of us are responsible
for our own schedule. There is really no such thing as partial obedience. God begins as the priority
and then we schedule time with him. We schedule the things that are important to him. Jesus said,
“Seek first the kingdom of God . . .” (Matthew 6:33).

The Jews eventually got back to God’s priorities and took part in one of the greatest works of heaven.
You can too. There are some things worth finishing.

Don’t let God’s BIG THING become our little thing.  Make God’s BIG THING become our BIG THING!

Read The Story. Experience The Story. Used with permission © Zondervan 2010

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