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Sunday Shareables from Sept. 25, 2016

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What’s In Your Hand?

Exodus 4:1-5

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  • “Moses was so worried about what ‘might’ happen, that he didn’t hear God tell him what ‘would’ happen.”      -Chuck Swindol
  • “It’s alright to ask God a question, it’s not alright to question God.”   -Archie Ratliff
  • We should never question God’s motive, character, or ability!
  • God might choose help you in an UNEXPECTED WAY with and UNEXPECTED ANSWER.
  • The only way to TRUST GOD is to TEST GOD.  The only way to TEST GOD is to TRUST GOD!
  • Delayed obedience is disobedience.    Moses obeyed with BLIND OBEDIENCE when he threw down his staff!


Additional Shareables from Dr. Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, Louisville, KY

Quotes from the 2016 NCCSA Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC

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  • “Many times as Christians, we find ourselves on the defense rather than on the offense.”    -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “If we don’t teach our children that they are NOT to be of this world, then they will be.”   -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “We are looking at a culture that is shifting into an anti-Christian culture, not just neutral.”   -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “We are training our children to fight the battles we fought.  But they are fighting a battle we’ve never fought.  They are engaged in a battle that is MUCH tougher!”   -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “We must train our students to live out a Christian worldview everywhere they go.”   -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “We are being led by people today that haven’t forgotten a Christian worldview, they have rejected .”   -Dr. Al Mohler
  • “We must push against the age as hard as the age pushes against us.”   -Dr. Al Mohler
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